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DRSB Decoration Wallpaper & Curtain

Phnom Penh


Our current business listing is DRSB Decoration founded in 01 August 2013 (Former listing DaraRaksmey Rachana wallpapers). We have changed the business listing of Dara Raskmey Rachana to DRSB decoration


because we found and understand the meaning of each word that represented DRSB that goes along with objectives and vision both within our organization and with our customers.

It is our main objective to serve the customer with DRSB Professional standard. (Please read our mission to find out more about DRSB).

Our team includes Dararaksmey, Rithy, Siha, Sreyneang, and Sambo have chosen this current Company named DRSB Decoration on 01 August 2015 till present.

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